Influencer Marketing And its Effective Popularity

by Prassenjit Lahiri

The social media and digital landscape in India has changed the way enterprises, marketers and individuals do business these days. Internet influencers abound, creating a world of great opportunities for smart marketers. It also paves a way for a new channel for brands and businesses to connect and interact with clients organically and directly. Thus, influencer marketing is undoubtedly today’s remarkable tool for brands to boost awareness, improve conversion and increase sales and revenue.

Almost 29 percent of India’s total population today access the internet. Thus, it has become a medium for brands and consumers to meet and interact. Not only in India, but also the world is now shifting to social media, as consumers are now looking to other consumers for information regarding their purchase decisions.

Indeed, the social media has also changed the way people shop or look for information they need about a particular service or product. Rather than looking at the companies, consumers are now looking at each other and even at popular personalities with huge followings on social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Therefore, influencer marketing is now a big hit in digital marketing.

Why is Influencer Marketing becoming even more Popular and Relevant These Days?

Influencer marketing involves the use of real people’s influence to maximum advantage on digital channels such as Facebook or Twitter to promote services and products. The number of brands and businesses using this marketing technique is continuously increasing. This is used to enhance brand perception, increase awareness, create buzz and improve the image of a particular brand.

In addition, here are some of the remarkable importance of the use of influencer marketing:

  • It Builds Customer Trust: Over ninety percent of people trust suggestions from people when choosing a product or brand, even if they don’t know them personally. Hence, this internet marketing technique helps create a reliable and relevant pool of information trusted by people.
  • Very Affordable and Effective: If you are looking for a cost-effective means of introducing your business to a larger audience, consider using influencer marketers today. In addition, influencer marketing is very easy to analyze with the use of web tracking and relevant information like comments, clicks, retweets, likes, engagement rates and conversions. This also provides the most affordable channel for brands to market their services or products.
  • Consumers don’t Like Paid Ads: People are exposed to tons of ads, and they are getting tired of them. There are paid ads everywhere, and people see so many of them that they are unconsciously tuning them out. On the other hand, influencer marketers are new, and they are not always the most famous celebrity in town. They also provide a more friendly way for people to connect with your brand. It also allows you to personally interact and engage with them.

Influencers are often those with a high level of respect and credibility among the audience. This is actually one of the primary reasons why their opinions matter and influencer many people to take an action. Influencer marketing will continue to thrive in the industry.

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